Attend my class at the Camarillo Health Care District:

The ABC’s of Estate Planning

A-Advanced Planning

B-Be in control of your assets

C-Cost Savings

Probate is a court proceeding with one major purpose, to transfer title to property passing from the decedent to those persons named in the decedent’s will or entitled to take under the laws of intestacy (when someone dies without a will).   Probate is costly, time-consuming, psychologically challenging and public.  With the proper tools, you can avoid Probate and prevent your loved ones from having to deal with emotionally painful property issues after your death.  With advanced planning, you can leave your loved ones a true legacy. Learn tips to select a trustee, avoid family conflicts and protect your assets.



9/24/20   11:00am-12:00pm, Camarillo Health Care District

Register by calling the  Camarillo Health Care District (805) 388-1952 or register online.